Naughty Nights Raunchy Dare Dice
Naughty Nights Raunchy Dare Dice

Naughty Nights Raunchy Dare Dice

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A frisky and hot dice game that spices up any night with your lover. Roll the dice and see what they will be doing, to which part of you and how...The action carries on for as long as the lucky recipient takes to count to ten!
  • Includes 3 dice: Red-determines what your partner will be doing to you; Scarlet-determines which part of your body will be receiving your partners attention; Black-determines how the dare will be done!
  • Red Die Sides-Nibble, Tickle, Kiss, Lick, Suck, Massage
  • Scarlet Die Sides-Ear Lobe, Your Choice, Neck, Nipples, Inner Thigh, Lips 
  • Black Die Sides-Playfully, Lovingly, Sensually, Gently, Provocatively, Slowly
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